Hello dear animal friends!!!

We are to be supported very much engaged the association „Animals Hope inc.“ with our help vigorously and are glad of course very much if you also do it!

By a passive membership in the association and the yearly subscription linked thereby of at least thirty euros, you support not only the work of the people on site, but carry also an important part in addition on the costs to carry. Feed, as well as veterinarian's calculations, etc. must be able to be paid every month. How one can fancy is with on an average approx. 200 animals a big financial load.

Of course the possibility also insists on taking over a godparenthood for one of the animals. Particularly the old or handicapped animals are dependent on our help. Already from 10 euro monthly you can help. Of course you can enquire any time after the condition of your godfather's animal, or also come visiting it.

Help those which cannot help themselves and are treated in our society still as a THING.

A godparenthood protects a final and/or appropriate to the species place for the duration of her stay these animals. On the Internet site www.animalshope.de under the point „Godfathers are searched“ all animals introduced whom you can help with her godparenthood.