personal protection / escort / VIP's care:

For all our clients to be looked we provide an individually fitted danger draught. A detailed customer analysis walks at the head of course. The escort is carried out on travelling (airplane, ship, train, etc.) as well as events certainly and discreetly. By request of the client we accompany him in his own vehicle, as well as by a vehicle from our fleet.

All employees can fall back on many years' experience in the area of personal protection. They are subordinate to strict selection procedures.

object protection (area, offices, priv. supervision of rooms):

For the looked object we provide an exact and sure object protection draught. On it, it is paid attention that the private sphere of the customers is not disturbed.

event services (admittance control and personal control / bouncer):

For all events at home and abroad we make available qualified employees. A free from problems and undisturbed expiry of the event is thereby guaranteed.


Control is sometimes better than trust. The C.R.Security keeps under surveillance any people. Our motto is quick and discreetly.

security consultation / analysis:

C.R.Security discusses you with pleasure in all security questions all around the personal protection, the observation, the supervision and a lot more.