Quick came another matter, namely, the leasing and rental business of luxury cars - The C.R. Car Leasing - Car e.K. was launched.

The advertising agency, C.R. Medien GmbH, the security company and C.R. Security were the next logical steps in the expansion of the corporate group.

2008 Mr. Claus Reichinger decided to unite all divisions under one umbrella and built in Haar near Munich, the new Headquarter of the C.R. Consortium.

The integrated exclusive car showroom on the ground floor, and the two car-halls located in the basement with specially integrated car maintenance facilities, let you imagine what importance luxury cars still have.

We direct particular attention to the apartment rental, C.R. Living, on the second floor of the building. As luxuriously as it starts on the ground floor, it continues on the second floor with our apartments with their own roof terraces. The three business apartments are equipped with state of the art technology and a lot of attention and love to the details.


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